Top 5 sensor products in November

30th November 2021
Beatrice O'Flaherty

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top sensor products to have been released in November.

The sensor fusion for tomorrow's urban driving functions

BASELABS has introduced BASELABS Dynamic Grid, an algorithm that generates a consistent environment model from high-resolution raw sensor data.

Dynamic Grid accelerates the development of data fusion systems for automated driving functions, especially in challenging urban environments. While skipping time-consuming algorithm training, automotive developers can develop driver assistance systems such as parking functions or traffic jam pilots with better performance than traditional tracking and grid methods.

Automated driving functions for urban areas set high requirements on the environment model used. On the sensor side, the industry is preparing to use high-resolution sensors to acquire the required data with a sufficient level of detail.

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Visualising sound with the FLIR Si124 leak detection camera

Did you know it's possible to visualise sound? You don’t have to be an acoustic engineer to make sense of it: the FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera produces a precise acoustic image that is overlaid in real time on top of a digital camera picture.

The blended visual and sound image is presented live on screen, visually displaying ultrasonic information and allowing the user to accurately pinpoint the source of the sound.

Compressed air is the single most expensive energy source across all factory types, yet up to one-third of that compressed air gets lost to leaks and inefficiencies. The human ear can sometimes hear an air leak in a quiet environment, but in a typical industrial environment it’s impossible to hear even bigger leaks due to loud background noise. Fortunately, the Si124 filters out the industrial noise, allowing professionals to visualise' sound even in noisy environments.

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Smartray showcases Dual-Head Sensor

SmartRay, manufacturer of 3D sensors for quality inspection and metrology, has launched a dual-head sensor for shadow-free scanning and optimum visibility.

SmartRay have developed a new solution designed to overcome the problem of shadowing in 3D scanning applications.

The Dual-Head ECCO 95+ models use a combination of SmartRay’s cameras to ensure that all the target areas of a scanned object are inspected.

Traditional single-head sensors may experience shadowing from raised surface areas. Shadowing occurs when the laser hits the target point, but the camera is blocked from viewing it. This can lead to missing 3D data points, reducing accuracy and leaving parts of the sample uninspected.

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All-in-one embedded vision platform with tools and functions

Further development of IDS NXT ocean: focus on user-friendliness and AI transparency. 

At IDS, image processing with artificial intelligence does not just mean that AI runs directly on cameras and users also have enormous design options through vision apps. Rather, with the IDS NXT ocean embedded vision platform, customers receive all the necessary, coordinated tools and workflows to realise their own AI vision applications without prior knowledge and to run them directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras. Now follows the next free software update for the AI package. In addition to the topic of user-friendliness, the focus is also on making artificial intelligence clear and comprehensible for the user.

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NTT announce Cyber Threat Sensor AI for threat detection

CTS-AI is also a core element in NTT’s broader security services portfolio for enterprises, including managed detection and response (MDR), application security testing, and threat detection. During an initial promotional period, the service is free of charge for both new and existing NTT clients.

With limited security resources and one or multiple workloads in the cloud, organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a multi-layer security posture on their own. At the same time, organisations are increasingly moving toward cloud-based purchasing of IT capabilities, including cybersecurity, directly in marketplaces like AWS, bypassing traditional channels.

What sets CTS-AI apart from other AI-based and machine learning security solutions is its human-validated threat intelligence with detailed analysis by security experts at NTT. This global capability scans internet traffic and curates threat data from over 100 intelligence and 50 partner feeds. Threats are continuously validated to ensure accurate contextualisation and prioritisation and that CTS-AI is always up to date.

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