TI mmWave sensors in stock at Mouser

27th August 2020
Mick Elliott

The new IWR6x mmWave sensors from Texas Instruments (TI) are now being shipped by distributor Mouser Electronics.

Providing unprecedented levels of integration and on-chip processing capabilities, the 60 GHz - 64 GHz sensors allow engineers to integrate mmWave technology into a broad range of factory automation, radar, robotics, and building automation designs.

The mmWave sensors are integrated single-chip frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radar sensors built on TI's 45 nm RFCMOS process.

They offer ultra-high-resolution sensing and can detect objects, humans, and subtle motions, including breathing and typing.

The sensors offer up to 4 GHz of ultra-wide bandwidth, detecting objects up to 16 times more accurately than 24 GHz narrowband solutions.

The IWR6843 sensor incorporates a C674x DSP for advanced signal processing.

The IWR6x mmWave sensors feature application-specific algorithms, scalable software, and several reference designs, allowing developers to quickly begin creating high-performance sensor solutions.

The sensors are optimised for use in industrial settings, supporting key applications such as motion detection, robotics, people counting, vital sign monitoring, and safety guarding.

The sensors are also ideal for low power, ultra-accurate, self-monitored industrial radar systems.

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