Thermistor series covers all measurement bases

11th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Littelfuse has released its standard, stocked supply of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor series to detect and measure heat or thermal energy and convert it into an electrical signal to monitor applications.

The new, in-stock supply, with an easy-to-use temperature sensor part selector, offers fast delivery to meet customer needs.

These thermistors are used in a variety of applications including HVAC, automation, battery management systems, automotive and medical equipment, appliances, and electronics.

“Littelfuse has a strong track record of developing custom NTC thermistors for global end markets and applications,” stated Michel Ramirez, Littelfuse Industrial Business Product Manager. “To help meet demand, we are creating these series of thermistors to provide customers with a portfolio of accurate, stable, and reliable off-the-shelf products that include a large, easy-to-select inventory with quick quoting and fast delivery times.”

The new series include:

  • Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistor NGD Series -offers hermetically sealed chips for long-term reliability, stability, and fast response time even under severe environmental or thermal conditions. Uniform dimensions and axial configuration especially suited for use with automatic insertion equipment.
  • Ring Lug Surface Temperature Sensing NTC Thermistor Probe Assembly NPRL Series - is potted into a ring lug housing with thermally conductive epoxy for exceptional stability. A wide variety of mounting stud-hole sizes and lead wire materials and terminations accommodate screw-in-place applications.
  • Straight Stainless-Steel NTC Thermistor Probe NPSS Series - includes a wide assortment of standard probe housings (less than 1 mm to over 9 mm in diameter) with various lengths as well as a large selection of lead wire materials and terminations for application flexibility.
  • Metal Electrode Leadless Face (MELF) Style Glass-Encapsulated NTC Thermistor NSS Series - has hermetically sealed chips in a glass package for exceptional stability. It has two terminals bonded into a cylindrical body for an extremely reliable surface-mount package that can withstand the most severe environmental conditions.
  • Surface-mount End-banded NTC Thermistor NSRA, NSRB, NSKR and NSLR Series - include a solder-coated metallization that is suitable for various contact techniques including wire bond, epoxy, or solder. They have extremely uniform parameters for use with automatic handling and placement equipment and come in a variety of sizes.
  • Miniature Leaded Epoxy-coated NTC Thermistor NXK Series - features Kynar-insulated epoxy-encapsulated lead wires for optimal performance. With superior, long-term reliability, these thermistors are ideal for temperature measurement, control, and compensation applications where cost optimization is a primary consideration.
  • Leaded Epoxy-coated, Uninsulated NTC Thermistor NXU Series - is epoxy-encapsulated for optimum performance and delivers precision accuracy with a fast thermal response time. It is ideal for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications.

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