The importance of sensor technology in innovative headsets

23rd July 2018
Anna Flockett

Plantronics likes to practice what it preaches, and aims to cater for everyone. In most daily activities, headphones or headsets can either make your life so much easier or are completely essential. Plantronics definitely took this into consideration when creating its range of Bluetooth headsets, especially its mobile Bluetooth devices designed for work environments.

Described by the company as ‘indispensable companions to your smartphone and tablet,’ this range of headsets are designed specifically for work environments and to give the best experience whilst wearing a headset for a longer period of time.  

What makes the Plantronics products initially stand out from the rest is the sensor technology it uses to ensure the user has as little as possible to do, and ultimately ensuring no time is wasted and minimises interference during the working day.

The Voyager 8200 UC headset includes smart sensor technology that controls an on/off function which allows you to answer calls by simply putting on the headset which automatically mutes your calls or pauses your music by taking it off. The mute feature again controlled by the smart sensors, is perfect for when you are taking a call. By removing your headset the call will automatically be muted to avoid disruption and obviously unmutes when replaced back on your head.

The main goal from Plantronics is to give the user the experience of working while listening to music or other media while utilising the ANC to block out all noise, and this is exactly what the Voyager 8200 UC system allows you to do. By lowering the media volume and playing the incoming ringtone into the headset it ensures you never miss an important call.

The leather finish leaves a smooth feel that, when placed on your head, you barely notice it is there besides the weight of the product. Putting on the headset feels so smooth and soft.

The battery life when fully charged will provide you with up to 24 hours of listening time and 20 hours talk time, and includes up to one month standby time, which enables a full day’s work plus more. A nice added touch is that the headphone tell you at what level your battery is at when you first put them on.

With easy-access on-ear controls for calls and music, this means all your controls are at the side of your head, including call functions of: answer/ignore/end/redial and mute, and then additional volume control, Bluetooth pairing, ANC ½, open mic function, smartphone VPA access and power on/off.

The whole experience of working while listening to music with ANC (to block out all noise, and lowering the media volume to play the incoming ringtone), always ensures you don't miss that important call.

The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC includes advanced features to protect your hearing called SoundGuard Digital, which protects against sound levels which are above 118dBA, and an anti-startle sensor which is activated during calls to detect and eliminate any sudden increase in signal level. Additionally the time-weighted average prevents your daily noise exposure from exceeding the recommended 85dBA.

“Working in noisy open plan office with constant distractions, not being able to focus and concentrate is bad for productivity. It is one of our customer’s biggest complaints” said Gavin Sear, manager of global product marketing for Plantronics. They designed this headset to include active noise cancelling (ANC) to help you focus. This can be adjusted to different levels, so the dual-mode ANC lets you select the preferred noise-reduction level that is comfortable for you and your environment while feeling natural when you are speaking on a call.

This model of headphones are B8200 certified for Skype for Business and optimised for Microsoft Lync. It is also built for UC applications and softphones from Avaya, Cisco, Skype and others.

Plantronics believe that technology was invented to enable us, not to hinder us, however it is more often than not the hindering that is happening, especially in the work place. Conversations dropping out, high-pitched sounds dropping out, and the volume being too low or high are all problems that can create inefficiencies, waste time and costs, and more importantly frustrate people. With Plantronics Smarter Working approach its systems are integrated to suit the way people are most productive.

The Voyager 8200 UC model was designed especially to avoid the noise and end the distraction in the workplace. This is echoed mainly thought the dual-paired omni-directional microphones which include enhanced digital signal processing to enhance a voice whilst cancelling out almost all of the background noise.

Finally, although the design includes a lot of functions, it holds a very contemporary and simplistic style, with a four microphone boom-less design. So although there is a number of smart sensors and technology within the headset, they do not seem over powering, too large or too heavy, something that again must have been taken into consideration when designing for people who are going to wear them for a longer period of time.

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