Temperature sensor provides 5-200KΩ resistance range

23rd December 2013
Nat Bowers

Providing accurate measurements across a resistance range of 5-200KΩ at +25°C, the DO-35 series thermistor temperature sensor has been introduced by Measurement Specialties. Operating over a temperature range from -40 to +300°C, the thermistor enables stable measurement in a variety of extremely difficult environments.

The negative temperature coefficient chip is encased in a hermetically-sealed tube (DO-35 diode glass package) to reduce environmental stresses and prevent moisture ingress to the sensing element. The economical, glass-packaged thermistor protects the ceramic sensing element for long-term reliability and high performance.

The new thermistor is suitable for use for use in many consumer electronics devices and air conditioning units as well as in PCB temperature sensing and low cost probe assemblies. Featuring 24 AWG tin and nickel plated copper leads, the RoHs-compliant thermistor can also be PCB mounted.

Pricing and delivery for a DO-35 Series thermistor is dependent upon quantity ordered, please contact Measurement Specialties for more information.

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