Summer tyre range offers driving comfort and safety

19th February 2019
Lanna Cooper

Nokian Tyres is launching its Nokian Hakka summer tyre range on the Japanese market. Nokian Hakka summer tyres offer balanced behaviour on dry and wet surfaces, have good wear durability, and offer safety and driving comfort to drivers from spring until late fall. The products will be available to Japanese consumers from April 2019 onwards.

Nokian Tyres has already introduced its Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres, which provide sturdy grip even in the most difficult winter conditions, to the Japanese market. Even though summer tyres require a different set of characteristics, the basic idea behind Nokian Tyres’ products remains the same: offering drivers peace of mind with the world’s safest tyres.

"Expertise in challenging conditions is our strength. The Nokian Hakkapeliittas have been promoting winter safety worldwide for decades, and now we are excited to be able to offer Japanese retailers premium tyres also for the summer season, helping them to serve local consumers even better," said Jukka Kasi, Senior Vice President, Products and Technologies at Nokian Tyres.

Tyres are put to the test when surprises occur on the road or the conditions are otherwise challenging. The durable and safe Nokian Hakka summer tyres have been designed to work reliably in any summer weather and on all road surfaces.

"Nokian Hakka summer tyres have already demonstrated their abilities in varying Northern European conditions, and I trust that Japanese drivers will also appreciate their pleasant driving feel, ease of use, and safety," said Kasi.

The modern Nokian Hakka range offers premium summer tyres for every need, regardless of whether you are driving a compact city car, a sturdy 4x4, or an eco-friendly hybrid. The selection includes the Nokian Hakka Black 2 designed for fast driving, the wet road champion Nokian Hakka Blue 2 for mid-sized cars, and the eco-friendly Nokian Hakka Green 2 for smaller family cars.

The Nokian Hakka Black 2 SUV and Nokian Hakka Blue 2 SUV, which are designed for larger SUVs and crossovers, are also available. The comprehensive size selection ranges from 14-21" and covers speed ratings from T (190 km/h) to Y (300 km/h). 

Intensive development, quality tested by a World Champion
The performance of the Nokian Hakka summer tyres is the result of several years of intensive development and testing. Special attention has been paid to safe and controlled handling. Hakka tyres offer logical and balanced behaviour, making driving care-free and pleasant even at high speeds or in case of sudden, hard rain. The rubber compound offers first-class wet grip, and reduces the risk of dangerous aquaplaning.

Mika Häkkinen, the two-time Formula 1 World Champion, who provided his experience and insight into the testing and development of the Nokian Hakka Black 2, praises the tyre’s predictable and stable behavior, especially at the extremes.

"When the tyre gives you confidence in driving, it also gives you safety, Häkkinen said. "To me, the most important feature is that the tyre follows the driver’s lead. Nokian Hakka Black 2 remained stable even at high speeds and it really responded to my steering, on wet and dry surfaces alike. I trust these tyres completely, and would definitely recommend them to Japanese drivers who look for high quality and high performance summer tyres that respond to the steering and give predictable road feel," he continued.

The next-gen rubber compound, tread pattern, and structural solutions improve Nokian Hakka tyres’ wear durability and reduce rolling resistance, allowing the tyres to roll lightly and quietly while saving fuel and the environment. As one of the most sustainable companies in the tyre industry, Nokian Tyres has long been involved in developing eco-friendlier tyres and, in particular, reducing rolling resistance.

Tyre innovations provide added safety and better durability
Nokian Hakka summer tyres have several innovations that simplify safe driving and tyre condition monitoring. One of these is the Driving Safety Indicator that allows the driver to immediately see how many millimeters of tread are remaining. The aquaplaning indicator, on the other hand, warns against an increased risk of aquaplaning. When less than 4 mm of tread depth remains, the water drop symbol disappears and it is time to purchase new tyres.

The sturdier Nokian Hakka Black 2 SUV and Nokian Hakka Blue 2 SUV summer tyres contain extremely strong Aramid fibre, which is also used in bulletproof vests. This Aramid technology patented by Nokian Tyres reinforces the tyre’s sidewalls, allowing the tyre to better withstand impacts and cuts, which would otherwise easily puncture the tyre.

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