Bipolar Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensors

15th July 2009
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Honeywell has introduced its SS30AT Bipolar Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensor, a subminiature SOT-23 surface mount package that takes up less space on the printed circuit board (PCB). Honeywell has optimized the size of the integrated circuit, saving on manufacturing costs while still meeting customer requirements. These cost savings result in lower costs to customers. Available on tape and reel, the SS30AT often allows for automated pick-and-place assembly, further helping to reduce the customer's manufacturing costs.
The SS30AT's 4.5 Vdc to 24 Vdc supply voltages and ability to operate up to 125 °C [257 °F] enhance application flexibility. Built-in reverse voltage protection simplifies installation and protects the device from damage when mounted on the PCB. Its thermally balanced integrated circuit provides stable operation over a full temperature range.

Potential transportation and industrial applications include speed and RPM sensing, tachometer, motor and fan control, electric vehicle control, convertible roof position, flow-rate sensing, brushless dc motor commutation, and robotics control.

The SS30AT is a versatile, digital Hall-effect device operated by the magnetic field from a permanent magnet or an electromagnet designed to respond to alternating North and South poles. Sinking output with an open collector allows the sensor to interface with many electrical components without buffering. The SS30AT Series is an extension of Honeywell's portfolio of bipolar Hall-effect magnetic position sensors that includes the SS40A (leaded flat TO-92 style, bulk packaging), SS40A-T2 (straight leads on tape in ammopack), SS40A-T3 (formed leads on tape in ammopack), and SS50AT (miniature SOT-89 surface mount package on tape and reel).

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