Smart sensors designed to operate in harsh environments

6th December 2017
Lanna Cooper

Featuring a no dead zone detection and high reliability, Delta Electronics’ Area Sensors are easy to assemble, and ensure the safety of operators reliably. The AS series is cost effective solution for many sectors, such as food and beverages, packaging, pharmacy, electronic component equipment, textiles, rubber and plastics, warehouses and machine tool industries.

Additionally to its wide range of smart sensors, Delta Electronics has released a new range of area sensors, or safety light curtain. It offers the highest market standard. The tough, slim, space-saving body conforms to IP-67 rating standards, which allow the sensor to operate in harsh environments with no dead zone curtains for detection.

With a shock resistance of 10G, the heavy duty AS series can be used in environments where work pieces often strike the unit. The aluminium framed structure ensures that there is no damage from shock, and the optical axes do not become misaligned if the device is struck by an object. The IP-67 rating means that it is protected from liquid projection. The high resistance also means longer operation and decreased down-time.

The AS series is safe. These curtains have no unprotected zones, so 100% of the curtain is utilised and it features effective aperture angle inferior to 2.5°.

The AS series are available in 3 pitches: 10, 20 and 40mm. Protect heights are from 1,280-1,920mm, when detection range is from 5-10m. Connection is made througha M12 connector with 200mm PVC cable.

The AS series provide easy-to-install smart sensors which can be combined with Delta Electronics’ global automation offering. The company is providing inductive proximity sensor, photoelectric sensors, laser displacement sensors and multifunction pressure sensor.

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