Smart ring for controlling sound effects with hand movements

12th September 2019
Alex Lynn

Wave by Genki Instruments is a wearable MIDI controller that lets you control sound, shape effect and send commands with the motion of your hand. The ground-breaking ring has been developed in collaboration with musicians and it works with all major musical software.

IoT and product development company Haltian has helped the company get the product into mass production. During the project, Haltian delivered a new mechanics concept, revised a manufacturing strategy and gave consultation on mechanic suppliers, logistics, testing and certificates. Haltian has experience in the field of smart rings with the known Oura health ring.

“Wave has been a fantastic project that went on schedule because of good communication and great vision,” said Haltian CEO, Pasi Leipälä. “We are proud to be working with customers such as Genki Instruments, who’s vision we can bring into life.” 

Wave is a one-size-fits-all ring. It is operated with three control buttons, has up to eight hours battery life, a LED display and Bluetooth connectivity and it is built on extensive experience Haltian has on wearable product design. 

"Haltian’s expertise was an important addition to our small team. Whether it was Mechanical Design, Project Management, Certification Applications, Antenna Tuning or Device Testing, Haltian got involved and helped us take things to the next level,” added Jon Helgi, Head of Design at Genki Instruments.

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