Smart earbuds make sleep easier and more enjoyable

14th October 2020
Lanna Deamer

Kokoon has announced the newest product in its sleep audio range is now available to back on Kickstarter here. NightBuds is the follow up product to Kokoon’s hugely successful smart earbuds, launched in 2015, which went on to sell over 30,000 units. The NightBuds, at just 5.4mm thickness are the smallest in-ear sleep audio product currently available with pledges starting from £99/$125 and delivery expected in Q2 2021.

NightBuds are tiny, sleep sensing headphones that work with an app to intelligently look after sleep. Developed with staff at Europe’s largest sleep laboratory, NightBuds automatically adapt audio as the wearer falls asleep then provide insights and coaching specific to them, to improve their sleep.

With the increased anxiety, isolation and screen time during this pandemic, more than half the population are now struggling with sleep. NightBuds help consumers escape stress, an active mind, snoring, noisy neighbours and find the perfect, peaceful sanctuary to enjoy better sleep and relaxation.

Features at a glance:

Audio is one of the most effective natural ways to help the mind disconnect and wind down. NightBuds enable users to listen to their own audio (audiobooks, podcasts, music) in a smarter manner automatically fading out as they fall asleep and bookmarking where they left off enabling them to pick back up in the right place the next day.

NightBuds utilise Kokoon’s Sleep Coaching Technology and monitor sleep (via PPG & accelerometers) to provide personalised insights and recommendations specific to the user, to improve their sleep. Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), widely recognised as the most effective treatment to aid sleep users have access to AI coaching that is personalised to them based on their sleep.

Within the app users can 'create their own Kokoon', an immersive 4D binaural soundstage through which listeners can experience incredible relaxing audio escapes such as the 'Misty Mountain Hideaway'. From within this space they can enjoy their own audio to discover a whole new experience.

For the last seven years Kokoon has been developing headphones that are comfortable for use in bed. NightBuds are designed to be worn through the night in all positions including side sleeping. The soft, ergonomic buds are incredibly thin; just 5.4mm thick which is over 391% thinner than the average Bluetooth earbud. This thin size has been enabled by Kokoon’s patent pending 5 point anchor system which locates electronics behind the head.

Keeping sleep disturbance free is key to a good night’s sleep. NightBuds block out snoring or noisy neighbours with noise isolation and dynamic noise masking. Also useable as regular Bluetooth 4.0 headphones, NightBuds enable hands free calls and feature crystal clear acoustics courtesy of NightBuds premium balance armature drivers.

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