Sleep solution for IoT, elderly care and baby monitoring launched

9th January 2019
Lanna Cooper

Sleepace will be taking its smart sleep solutions to the next level at this year’s CES, with a complete range of packages now available for international IoT partners, and the launch of a new Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies. Suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months old, Sleepace’s Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies is a much-needed peace of mind offering specifically for new parents.

It automatically monitors your baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement during naps, and comes with an alarm to alert you if he or she stops breathing for more than 20 seconds or leaves the crib.

While Sleepace’s complete range of smart sleep solutions has been designed to monitor the physiological aspects of adult slumber, the Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies has a baby-specific algorithm, and waterproof material, to ensure your little bundle of joy enjoys a blissful rest.

Similar technology is also offered by Sleepace for use in the elderly care industry, providing an alarm service to alert carers and family members if the user is suffering from abnormal breathing or has issues getting out of bed.

With the non-wearable physiological parameter monitoring technology, Sleepace’s smart sleep solution has been developed to implant sensors into mattresses, cushions and pillows for monitoring the user’s sleep data and sleeping status to provide analysis, early warning sleep reports and other services. Moreover, it can control smart appliances in the bedroom at night according to the user’s sleeping status.

When you lie down to go to sleep with the help of a sleep-aid product, a Sleepace monitoring device such as the RestOn or the Smart Sleep Tracking Pad P300 will monitor your sleeping status. When it recognises that you are asleep, commands will be sent to turn off your smart TV, smart speakers, and sleep-aid device automatically.

It will also control the air conditioner and humidifier during sleep and, in the morning during lightest sleep, the Wake Up Light will wake you up gently, and the curtain will open automatically.

“With this solution, we can provide a smart bedroom scene like the ones we had only ever seen in movies in the past. Excluding the smartphone and voice control devices, we are providing a new way to control home appliances at night during your sleep, based intelligently around your own individual physiological parameters,” Sleepace President, David Huang, said: “We have three packages currently available to meet different needs and to manage the control system, life and entertainment, smart lightings and smart security options for users.”

In the basic package, Sleepace offers smart sleep trackers such as the RestOn to control the smart sleep lights and smart plug for the smart lightings. The comfort package will go a step further to include the control of bedroom environment devices such as air conditioners.

Moreover, this package is smart enough to manage the life and entertainment issues like smart control panel, smart curtains, and smart AC sockets. The premium package incorporates the management of smart security devices such as smart sensors for doors and windows, and smart locks.

Sleepace’s President, David Huang, commented: “From customised, white-label solutions, and technology support to own brand products, Sleepace is already working with players in the smart bedding, elderly care, baby monitoring, IoT and smart home sectors such as LG U+, Huawei, Tuya and Motorola. By providing partners with smart sleep solutions tailored to meet their individual needs, Sleepace is enabling international businesses to build and strengthen their own smart sleep propositions.”

Alongside unveiling its new Sleep Sensor for Babies and demonstrating a selection of the solutions and products on its booth, Sands Hall C - 43823, David Huang will also be on hand to talk about how Sleepace is opening new sales and marketing revenue channels for businesses outwith the traditional smart home and IoT industry, including elderly care and baby monitoring.

Sleepace will also be offering visitors free sleep consultations and chances to experience the future of bedroom technology based on its smart sleep solution.

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