Simplify energy monitoring with high-accuracy sensors

13th November 2018
Anna Flockett

LEM's ART Rogowski current sensor measures currents of up to 10000A AC and beyond. The ART achieves IEC 61869 Class 0.5 accuracy without the need for additional components which can drift over time. The ART benefits from 'Perfect Loop' technology, a patented coil clasp that eliminated the inaccuracy caused by sensitivity to the position of the conductor inside the loop, as well as providing an innovative, robust and fast 'Twist and Click' Closure.

 LEM’s 'Perfect Loop' technology makes the ART suitable for use in power generators, MV/LV substations and submetering.

The ATO Series is a suitable current transformer for smart and dash grid applications. The introduction of an innovative core material with a dedicated design enables LEM's ATO current transformers to extend the high-accuracy measurement of AC currents to frequencies as low as 50/60Hz whilst achieving Class Accuracy 1 & 3 according to IEC 61869.

The product also achieves better than 0.1% linearity and a low phase shift. There is no need to disconnect the primary conductor carrying the current to be measured when installing the ATO as it can simply be clipped on.

It is easy to fix it to the primary conductor thanks to a cable tie system integrated into the case. ATO models can also be mounted firmly in electrical cabinets on DIN Rails thanks to their DIN Rail adapter.

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