Sensors deliver fast response times of less than 5s

14th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

A series of epoxy-coated mini sensors, optimised for automotive temperature probes, has been released by Vishay Intertechnology. Due to a small body diameter of less than 2.5mm, the NTCLE213E3... sensors deliver fast response times of less than 5s in air. The devices, which are AEC-Q200-qualified and feature a rugged design to withstand thermal shocks, are built on advanced NTC thermistor technology.

The sensors have been designed to provide fast and accurate temperature sensing for automotive engine coolant temperature and temperature manifold absolute pressure sensors, HVAC systems, and consumer, commercial and industrial appliances. The devices are available in bulk (NTCLE213E3...B0) with extra-long 41mm tinned nickel leads or tape-on-reel (NTCLE213E3...T1) for automatic mounting.

The RoHS-compliant sensors offer resistance at +25°C (R25) from 2.1 to 100kΩ, with tolerance down to ±1% and beta (B25/85) from 3511 to 4190K, with tolerance down to ±0.5%. The devices feature maximum power dissipation of 100mW and operate over a wide temperature range of -55 to +150 °C.

Samples of the NTCLE213E3... series are available now. Production quantities will be available in December 2014, with lead times of six weeks for large orders.

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