Sensitive gas mixture measurements at low flow rates

15th November 2019
Alex Lynn

Sensirion will present the brand new mass flow meter SFM4300 at this year’s Compamed in Düsseldorf. Thanks to its newly developed flow channel geometry, the sensor is able to precisely measure oxygen (O2) and laughing gas (N2O) in addition to air for the first time. The small sensor is thus excellently suited to the measurement of gas mixtures in the medtech sector.

Compared to its predecessor, the SFM4100, the SFM4300 features improved sensitivity and is extremely precise when measuring mass flow, even at low flow rates. The SFM4300 is small and very pressure-resistant, measures mass flows of up to 20 slm (air, O2 and N2O) and is available with various mechanical connections (downmount, Legris and O-rings).

The sensor unit, which was developed for integration into anesthesia devices among other applications, has an I²C interface and provides a fully calibrated and temperature-compensated output signal.

“The SFM4300’s performance characteristics make it the ideal solution for controlling gas mixtures in the medtech sector. It enables the mixing of very precise concentrations even at low flow rates,” said the Leading Product Manager, Daniel Träutlein.

According to Dr. Träutlein, the sensor will primarily be used in anesthesia devices and is usually integrated directly into the device. To ensure patient safety, the flow sensors in the machine need to be stable and reliable for exact, reproducible measurements, throughout the entire service life of the device.

The SFM4300 is therefore the top choice when it comes to safety and reliability. Customers also benefit from an expanded measurement range of up to 20 slm.

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