Sense amplifier designed for DC current measurement

14th September 2020
Mick Elliott

The INA290 ultra-precise current sense amplifiers from Texas Instruments is now being shipped by distributor Mouser Electronics.

The sense amplifier can measure voltage drops across shunt resistors over a wide common-mode range from 2.7V to 120V.

It is in a space-efficient SC-70 package with a PCB footprint of only 2.0mm × 2.1mm.

The ultra-precise current measurement accuracy is achieved thanks to the combination of an ultra-low offset voltage of ±12µV (maximum), a small gain error of ±0.1% (maximum), and a high DC CMRR of 160dB (typical).

The device is designed for DC current measurement, and high-speed applications (like fast overcurrent protection, for example) with high bandwidth of 1MHz (at a gain of 20V/V) and an 85dB AC CMRR (at 50kHz).

Applications for the INA290 current sense amplifiers include active antenna systems mMIMO (AAS), macro remote radio units (RRU), 48V rack servers, 48V merchant network and server power supplies, and test and measurement devices.

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