Semtech Expands Temperature Sensor and Monitor Platform to Address More Complex Systems

26th April 2010
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Semtech today announced the SX8743, an expansion of its low-power temperature sensing and monitoring platform that can monitor up to four temperature zones in servers, advanced printers, appliances and other complex systems.
The SX8743 is an eight-pin device that combines one integrated temperature sensor with monitoring electronics to directly connect up to three external temperature diodes. It is suitable for systems with multiple ASICs, hard drives or other heat sources that need to be monitored for safe operation during normal and sleep modes.

The SX8743 drives the sensing diodes with a variable current and converts that into digital temperature information. The device can connect to discrete diodes or transistors to monitor the temperature of air flow or active mechanics like hard drives. It can also connect to temperature diodes embedded in ASICs. The SX8743 is addressed through SMBus or I2C protocol; it can autonomously set or reset alarms if the sensor temperature exceeds programmed thresholds, allowing for controlled cooling while the system is shut down.

The new part joins the SX8733, Semtech’s first multiple input temperature sensor. The SX8733 is a 3 mm x 3 mm device with one integrated temperature sensor and the monitoring electronics for up to two temperature diodes.

“The ability of the SX8743 to precisely monitor several temperature points on large motherboards is critical because these more advanced systems consume a lot of power and have a great potential to use sleep and other power down modes for energy savings,” said Michel Chevroulet, System Engineering Manager for Semtech’s Advanced Communications and Sensing Products Business Unit. “Combined with the SX8733 and future parts in the platform, Semtech will provide customers with devices that cover the entire range applications where this sensor can add value.

The SX8743 comes in an MSOP8 package that is RoHS and WEEE compliant.

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