Scientific advisory board formed to advance sensor technology

31st May 2019
Lanna Cooper

Tyrata has created a Scientific Advisory Board to further advance all aspects of tyre monitoring and data monetisation. Building on Tyrata’s substantial scientific foundation, the Scientific Advisory Board will strengthen the IntelliTread tyre tread wear sensor by guiding the company in the extraction, handling, and processing of data. The real time collection of tyre tread data, combined with associated big data analytics, are unique offerings that Tyrata is positioned to enable.

The expertise of the Scientific Advisory Board will provide leading scientific insight into Tyrata's development of these offerings.

The recently created board is led by Dr. Aaron Franklin, CTO at Tyrata. Dr. Franklin is pleased to announce that Professor Steven Cummer of Duke University will be the inaugural external member of the committee. Dr. Cummer is the William H. Younger Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and an expert in the area of wave interactions with complex materials and environments.

Professor Cummer’s experience in studying the behavior of complex material fields and waves at Duke University will further advance Tyrata's sensors operation in a tyre. This added scientific depth will further Tyrata's sensor capabilities, and expand their range of applications.

"Our customers face a broad range of challenges extracting and managing data from tyres," said Dr. Aaron Franklin. "These challenges include sensing in complex environments, data handling, and data analytics. Bringing Professor Cummer on to our Scientific Advisory Board is my first step towards ensuring that we have the appropriate thought-leaders in place to address these challenges."

"Tyress are complex, heterogeneous structures composed of many raw materials with widely different properties," said Dr. Cummer. "Tyrata's IntelliTread technology is the first I've seen that delivers actual, direct tread measurement data. I am very pleased to join the Tyrata team as a member of its Scientific Advisory Board and to continue to advance the sensor technology."

Tyrata expects to add additional external Scientific Advisory Board members with expertise in networked devices, data handling and machine learning technologies.

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