Robust gas sensor is poison-resistant

12th June 2020
Mick Elliott

TTI is now offering the Miniature Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor from Amphenol’s SGX Sensortech.

The sensor is a low power, poison-resistant, and an extremely robust device in a certified flameproof enclosure.

This small size pellistor is primarily optimised for methane response for up to 5% volume in air and also can detect other flammable gases and vapours.

The MP7217-DA silicon pellistor offers low orientation effect, high resistance to mechanical shocks, and is also assessed as intrinsically safe.

This small size catalytic combustible gas sensor is ideal for use in battery operations and mining applications.

The gas sensor is ATEX certified and IECEx certified.

It suits many mining applications in which combustible gas monitoring is critical.

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