Robust design enhances thermal imaging temperature sensors

11th September 2016
Mick Elliott

Major upgrades have been made to the A35 and A65 thermal imaging temperature sensors for continuous automated processes by Flir Systems. With a more robust design and extended temperature ranges, the sensors provide enhanced features at a better price. The models are also the only thermal imaging temperature sensors on the market to provide standard compatibility with GigE Vision image transfer and GenICam.

Primarily designed for process control and quality assurance but is well suited for condition monitoring and fire prevention, the system upgrades offered by the A35 and A65 can help your process run smoother and with greater confidence.

The sesnors are also built with better vibration specifications to survive harsher conditions and come with ten fields of view, from 8° up to 90°, to give users the option to pinpoint a single target or monitor a large area.

“The enhanced A35 and A65 provide users with an assortment of robust thermal imaging temperature sensor solutions to meet a larger variety of applications than ever before” adds Rickard Lindvall, General Manager of Instruments for FLIR Systems. “As the only thermal imaging temperature sensors to work seamlessly with GenICam software to provide 14-bit temperature linear output, the upgraded cameras are easily compatible with some of the biggest names in automation systems making integration seamless.”

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