Radar sensor offers intelligent detection

10th February 2009
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Carlo Gavazzi has extended its range of devices for automated doors, lifts and escalators by introducing a family of compact radar sensors offering intelligent detection and simple, flexible installation. The RAD01 and RAD02 radar sensors utilise Doppler shift in a K-Band (24,125GHz) signal to detect motion towards or away from the device, and provide SPDT relay output which operates the door. Sensing is bidirectional in the case of the RAD01 or bidirectional/unidirectional for the RAD02, enabling the latter to detect motion towards and/or away from the device.

The new radar sensors offer key advantages over infrared alternatives, and are compatible with all types of domestic and commercial automatic door, including sliding, swinging, folding, revolving, and overhead doors. They can also be used for providing access to lifts and for automatic starting of escalators.

Housed in glossy or translucent black polycarbonate, the new devices require a small 118 x 80mm footprint and weigh just 150g, making them smaller and lighter than many alternatives on the market.

Built-in microprocessors are used to compensate for the effects of temperature and atmospheric conditions; they also filter out external RF signals. Immunity can be adjusted to prevent false signals from leaves, rain or snow, which can cause problems when IR sensors are used. In addition, the RAD01/02 sensors provide quasi-presence adjustment enabling the detection of slow-moving individuals, hence reducing the possibility of doors closing prematurely on people with limited mobility. Motion can be detected from 0.05 to 1m/s.

The use of a flat planar antenna, with installation adjustment in all three dimensions, ensures precise orientation of the activation pattern. The centre line can be adjusted between 15 and 45° forwards from the vertical and 15° left or right in the horizontal plane, providing pattern detection from 0 to 90° vertically and ±30° horizontally.

Sensitivity, relay hold time, and immunity detection can all be set via buttons on the control board or using an optional IR remote control. In addition, the RAD02 can be set for unidirectional or bidirectional operation. Moreover, PCB buttons allow the relay to be set or active (NO) or passive (NC) operation and the infrared controller can be used to switch between automatic, permanently open and permanently closed states. The unit’s status is displayed by an LED visible 180° around the front.

Power consumption is less than 0.5W from the units’ 12-24V AC/DC, 50-60Hz supply, and the use of clamp terminals ensuring quicker installation compared to alternative devices that use screw terminals.

As well as faster and simpler installation, better performance and higher reliability, the new sensors benefit from RoHS, CE, cURus and FCC approvals.

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