Potentiometers updated to include detents

11th September 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

To provide feedback on each position setting and selection, PIHER Sensors and Controls has updated its PT-6 carbon potentiometer to include detents. Including up to 10 equally spaced positions, the detents incorporate a spring feature into the potentiometer's rotary action. This enables a 'click' action via resistance to rotation at predetermined angles.

With this action, the user is alerted of the current position of the control. To suit a variety of requirements, the detents can be set at custom angles. Available in a 6mm package, the PT-6 potentiometer now provides designers the full features of PIHER larger products in a smaller package. The potentiometer is designed using flame-retardant plastics which meet UL 94-V0 standards (SMD version), a carbon resistive element and a IP54 dust and water proof enclosure.

For easy automatic insertion the potentiometer is supplied in magazines and is available with a variety of options including crimped terminals, standard knob and shafts and ganged versions. Suitable applications include motor control, power supply, appliance panel control, and automotive sensing.

"Up until now, the detent feature was only available on PIHER's 10mm (PT10) and 15mm (PT15) product lines," says Paul Cain, General Manager, North America. "With the re-engineered 6mm (PT-6, PS6), PIHER now provides the same reliable rotary 'click' sensation in its smallest 6mm line of rotary sensors on both standard mounting versions (through hole and SMD)."

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