Posifa highlights hydrogen sensor at Sensors Converge Expo

13th June 2023
Mick Elliott

Posifa Technologies will showcase cutting-edge technologies at the Sensors Converge Expo in Santa Clara, California (June 21-22).

These include hydrogen sensors and vacuum gauges, which offer advanced detection capabilities and unparalleled performance.

Posifa will demonstrate its solutions for detecting thermal runaway in battery management systems (BMS) and refrigerant leaks in HVAC systems.

Built on the company's MEMS hydrogen sensor technology, these solutions accurately detect hydrogen concentration in the air by measuring the change in thermal conductivity of the gas mixture within BMS and HVAC compartments.

This technology enables faster reaction times for triggering battery failure alarms in electric vehicles (EVs) and active leak detection of new low global warming potential A2L refrigerants in HVAC systems, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Posifa offers affordable, reliable, and space-efficient sensors based on their highly repeatable, high-volume CMOS MEMS technology.

"Hydrogen detection is paramount for maintaining the safety and efficiency of electric vehicles and HVAC systems," said Peng Tu, president and CEO of Posifa Technologies. "At Sensors Converge, we look forward to demonstrating how our MEMS hydrogen sensors revolutionize the detection of thermal runaway and refrigerant leaks, offering enhanced performance and peace of mind to our customers."

Additionally, Posifa will showcase its MEMS Pirani gauges for atmosphere (ATM) to medium vacuum applications.

These gauges are renowned for their exceptional accuracy, wide measurement ranges, longevity, and long-term stability.

By incorporating the sensing element and digital electronics within an individually calibrated probe, Posifa's vacuum gauges eliminate the need for calibration of replacement probes, minimising the total cost of ownership.

The devices can be customised to emulate output voltages from other manufacturers' gauges, allowing for easy plug-and-play replacements without the need for software or hardware changes.

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