PB25 PbS detector from LASER COMPONENTS

28th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Since its founding in 1982, LASER COMPONENTS has specialised in IR sensors for use in fire detection devices, such as the new PB25 PbS detector.. The company manufactures both lead sulphide and pyroelectric detectors at its assembly plant in Tempe

A flame will flicker randomly at a rate between one and 20Hz when it is burned naturally, modulating any IR signal generated. Pyroelectric and lead sulphide detectors sense this modulated electromagnetic radiation and so can provide a warning of the presence of a threat from a fire.

LASER COMPONENTS’ PB25 PbS detector is a reliable and inexpensive sensor for this application and generates a response to the presence a flame in 30mS at ranges out to nearly 200 feet. The device is a collection of uncooled polycrystalline biased single element PbS detectors that can operate at an ambient temperature of 75°C.

The S/N ratio of the IR detector determines the reach and sensitivity of the flame detection instrument and LASER COMPONENTS have recently added a differential pyroelectric detector to the company’s portfolio of products, this device has an improved signal to noise performance. This new product provides flame detection appliance suppliers with an innovative detector with improved range and immunity to electromagnetic interference.

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