Oxygen sensor provides output accuracy better than 1% FS

26th August 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

An oxygen sensor module, featuring high output accuracy and a short response time to gas concentration changes, has been introduced by Pewatron. The FCX-MC, which also offers a ruggedness against pressure change, humidity and other gases, provides the user with the option of different sensor output modes.

These modes include analogous linearised current output (0-20 mA), analogous linearised voltage output (0-10V) or a digital output using the RS485 communication protocol. The module is configured either in a flow configuration with connectors for hosing or in a diffusion configuration. In the flow configuration, the sensor encapsulation is an aluminium flow housing, enabling analysis of oxygen concentrations from small sample extracts. For easy integration, the FCX-MC can either be placed on the PCB board or connected to it via cables in a flow or a diffusion configuration. Cable lengths of 10m are supported by the oxygen sensor module.

The module, which withstands gas temperatures as high as 250°C, features output accuracy which is better than 1% FS and a response time for gas concentration changes of below 10 seconds. Concentration ranges are from 0-25 vol % and 0-95 vol % O2. Due to it's low power consumption, the FCX-MC is most suitable for mobile applications.

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