Optical sensor provides longer sensing distance

24th April 2023
Mick Elliott

The B5W Series of optical sensors from OMRON has been expanded with the addition of the B5W-DB sensor.

Having a longer sensing distance of 550mm - longer than light convergent resistance sensors of the same size - utilising its diffuse reflector sensor; the sensor is ideal for use in safe user interfaces, such as washroom equipment, sterilisation equipment and entry control systems.

Featuring enhanced disturbance light resistance, the sensor is less susceptible to interference from ambient light sources such as sunlight.

It has a low current consumption of just 20mA maximum and can be mounted from four directions. The sensors, in this new range, are very effective at identifying black, transparent, reflective and other hard to detect surfaces, with enhanced performance.

As touchless sensors they have a lower infection risk, giving users peace of mind when using facilities in washrooms and other public spaces. They can also be used to activate security and door entry systems, or for operating sterilisation equipment, where they can reduce the risk of cross-infection.

The miniature B5W-LB2101 and LB2112 are also still available, alongside the B5W-DB, with analogue or digital outputs, they have a sensing range of 10-55mm for white paper, falling to 10-40mm for black.

These devices are sized at 40 x 8.4 x 15.9 mm. For applications requiring a more compact solution, the super-miniature B5W-LB1112 is just 26 x 8.4 x 13mm, yet still offers a sensing distance of 2-10mm for white paper and 3-8mm for black.

All digital devices are offered in light-on and light-off form and are sealed to IP50.

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