New sensor supplier for automotive and traffic monitoring solutions

1st April 2019
Lanna Cooper

A new supplier has established itself in the rapidly growing market for radar and high frequency signal processing in the form of Munich-based, Kymati. The company was founded by a team of radar specialists with years of technological and industry experience. Kymati sells innovative and high precision radar solutions for industrial applications, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and traffic monitoring around the world.

As well as established radar applications such as distance and level measuring, positioning and collision detection in logistics and industry, the founders of Kymati also see the clearly growing potential for high frequency signal processing in traffic monitoring and for (semi-) autonomous cars on the streets and in industry.

The company develops and markets radar sensors, integrates them into application-specific standard and project solutions and works together with system manufacturers and integrators all over the world.

Kymati CEO, Dirk Brunnengraeber was a Co-founder and CEO of positioning specialists Symeo, and following the successful sale of the company now wants to leverage the potential of radar technologies with a new team: "We are already successfully developing intelligent and high resolution radar solutions for the automotive industry at Kymati. The next thing we want to do is use these proven and reliable radar solutions in new types of industrial applications and thus significantly improve the reliability and precision of logistics and production processes."

The importance of radar sensors in the industry will increase
The latest generation of radar solutions can ‘see’ its environment, in other words, it can detect people, as well as the type, positioning and movement of objects.

At the same time, the sensors are extremely robust and are suitable for use in industrial environments that are not ‘sensor-friendly’. Possible uses for radar span from the measurement of levels, warehouse stock and material densities to the precise recording of distances and positions to object and collision detection.

Radar signals provide reliable measurements, even in the worst weather and lighting conditions. They are also very easy to install.

"Throughout the many years I have been working together with customers from the steel industry and container terminal operators around the world, it has become ever-clearer that the advantages of radar are particularly apparent in situations where the maintenance-free operation of measuring sensors is essential," said Lode Theunynck, Chief Marketing Officer at Kymati.

Theunynck also maintains a large personal network of integrators and industry customers from previous projects who were early adopters of radar technologies.

Development of radar solutions shows enormous potential
CTO Martin Glänzer, who moved from the radar development team at Siemens to Kymati, also sees huge potential in new fields of application.

He connects this with the new developments at companies in the semiconductor industry: "Radar sensors can now be developed even faster and manufactured to a higher standard of quality. That means functions, solutions and fields of application can be created that even us insiders wouldn’t have dared dream about five years ago."

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