New AI-powered Voltaware Sensor for energy monitoring

6th November 2023
Harry Fowle

Voltaware has launched the new Voltaware Sensor exclusively in the UK today, enabling Brits to save money on their energy bills this winter, by accurately tracking the costs of individual appliances in real-time.

Every appliance in the home has its own electrical fingerprint, which the Voltaware Sensor sees every time they are used. The sensor connects to the Voltaware Home mobile app to provide consumers with actionable energy insights.

Voltaware’s patented appliance fingerprint detection (‘disaggregation’) algorithm is at the heart of the Voltaware Sensor’s technology, unlocking clear and actionable home energy insights to help Brits save energy, reduce bills, improve their security and comfort, reduce their carbon footprint and more. The Voltaware algorithm automatically breaks down individual appliances from the home’s total electrical load, enabling a wide range of insights on the Voltaware Home app.

“Voltaware’s mission is to bring about positive change in the ways in which people interact with their energy use by providing a range of AI-driven appliance-level insights,” explains Voltaware CEO and co-founder, Sergey Ogorodnov. “We give consumers complete visibility of the energy usage and efficiency of every electrical appliance in their home. The Voltaware Sensor automatically and instantly detects appliance fingerprints, as it identifies each

appliance every time it’s switched on. Our data science team has built a library of fingerprints for all the most common appliances found in British homes, and they are continuously improving and adding new machine learning models to provide Voltaware Home users with a seamless experience, delivering user-friendly energy and home insights.

“Voltaware works closely with UK energy providers to offer this as a value-added service to their customers. However, the vast majority of British smart meter users still do not have access to disaggregated electrical appliance data. The Voltaware Sensor now gives British consumers the opportunity to obtain and use this data for themselves, to save money and optimise their home energy usage.”

How does the Voltaware Sensor work?

Voltaware’s best-in-class electricity data collection and AI-driven appliance energy disaggregation delivers actionable energy insights to British consumers, via the Voltaware Home app. Voltaware detects direct appliances cycles from real households, and the most common disaggregated electrical appliances and types of use include: air conditioning, boilers, cooking, EV charging, fridges, electric heating, heat pumps, lighting and electronics, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, standby/always on products, kettles, electric showers and many more.

The Voltaware Sensor comes with 24 months’ free subscription to the Voltaware Home service. Voltaware’s roadmap for new Voltaware Home features includes:

  • The ability to detect inefficient, dangerous or failing electrical appliances
  • Insights on installing better solar charging, electric vehicle (EV) charging and greener home appliances
  • Information to improve consumers’ comfort and peace of mind with out of home ‘critical appliances on’ checks
  • Safety and security features to check your home when you are away and monitor the electricity usage of elderly relatives living alone.

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