New zero power consumption, hermetically-sealed range of Cherry magnetic proximity sensors from ZF Electronics combine market-leading performance with economy

16th December 2009
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ZF Electronics has launched a new range of Cherry magnetic proximity sensors which combine market-leading performance, robustness and affordability. Developed specifically to meet the requirements of a broad range of OEM products from heavy trucks to medical devices, these Cherry magnetic proximity sensors are suitable for the most rigorous environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration.
The Cherry MP2007 reed-based magnetic position sensors have aluminium threaded housings, with hermetically-sealed contacts for extra durability. Featuring zero power consumption, the three MP2007 sensors in the series are suitable for AC and DC circuits and are RoHS compliant. MP200710, SPST-NO has a maximum power rating of 10W and maximum switching current is 0.5A; electrical specifications for MP200702 (SPST-NC) and MP200703 (SPDT-CO) are a power rating of 3W maximum; switching voltage of 30VAC/30VDC and maximum switching current of 0.2A. These robust MP2007 series sensors operate over a very wide temperature range of -40degC to 105degC.

For applications requiring resistance to moisture and dirt, Cherry’s MP2017 series magnetic sensors in a smooth cylindrical plastic housing provide hermetically-sealed contacts for long life. They are available in a variety of standard contact configurations and feature zero power consumption. There are three different specifications available in the MP2017 series - two single-pole, single-throw sensors and one single-pole, double throw. MP201701 (SPST-NO) is suitable for maximum switching voltages of 100VAC/100VDC, and has a power rating of 10W maximum. MP201702 (SPST-NC) and MP201703 (SPDT-CO) sensors have identical electrical specifications of 3W maximum and 0.2A maximum switching current. Additionally, Cherry also manufactures a standard magnetic actuator in the same housing.

OEM manufacturers who require a reed sensor in a plastic flange-mount housing have a choice between Cherry’s MP2018 series and MP2019 series. MP2018 sensors are available in two different specifications: MP201801 is an SPST-NO sensor suitable for applications requiring a power rating of 10W max, with maximum switching voltages of 100VAC or 100VDC; while the MP201802 is an SPST-NC sensor suitable for lower-rated applications up to 3W maximum and maximum switching voltage of 30V either AC or DC.

MP2019 series magnetic sensors are highly suited to extreme environments. Two single pole versions are available, MP201901 for switching voltages up to 100VAC/100VDC with a 10W maximum power rating, and MP201902, which is suitable for switching currents up to 0.2A maximum, maximum power rating 3W. The double-throw variant is MP201903, with the same electrical specification.

OEM manufacturers who require a digital Hall-effect position sensor in plastic flange-mount housing will find Cherry’s MP1021 series provide outstanding output stability over an operating temperature range of -40degC to 85degC. This series meets IEC529 IP67 for dust and water protection and is compatible with an unregulated power supply.

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