Motor monitoring vibration sensor enabling preventive maintenance

18th October 2018
Alex Lynn

This reference design from Texas Instruments, TIDA-01469, is a low-power wireless subsystem solution that monitors motors using vibration sensing to determine if preventative maintenance is necessary. An FFT of the vibration data can be sent out to another device using either Bluetooth low energy or sub-1GHz wireless protocols. 

The low power usage and wireless capabilities of this subsystem solution enables it to run on a single coin cell battery, which allows for the device to be small, inexpensive and placed in difficult-to-reach locations. 

This makes this reference design an ideal alternative to both expensive maintenance that could have been preventatively avoided, as well as larger, more expensive monitors that require a wired connection.


  • Ultra-low-power design resulting in 10-year battery life from single CR2032 coin cell.
  • Offers mechanical vibration (20ksps) and temperature sensing.
  • Local computation of 2K FFT for vibration spectral analysis.
  • Programmable wake-up intervals for motor diagnostics.
  • Designed for SimpleLink sub-1GHz and Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Connectivity LaunchPad (LAUNCHXL-CC1350).

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