Microthermal modules enable real-time gas flow monitoring

7th July 2015
Nat Bowers

Sensirion has announced two new versions of the SGM70xx mass flow meter modules for G4 and G6 gas meters. These microthermal gas meter modules enable real-time gas flow monitoring and come with the additional advantages of high-level reliability and long-term stability. Onboard software in the mass flow meters guarantees precise gas quality compensation.

Until now, microthermal gas flow modules were available from Sensirion for G1.6 and G2.5 gas meters. Like the other versions of the SGM70xx series, the latest modules for the G4 and G6 gas meters stand out with high-level reliability, long-term stability and resistance to dust and dirt. They also feature a standard connection and an I2C interface. The compact design permits easy integration into gas meters. The mass flow meters are digital, temperature compensated, pressure corrected and completely calibrated for gas and natural gas.

The SGM70xx comes with software and hardware approved by the GWI (Gas and Heating Institute) to compensate for different types of gas mix. If required, the gas meter module is also supplied with European NMI component certification.

SGM70xx mass flow meters from Sensirion have been used for several years in gas meters for industrial and residential environments. Over 100,000 such microthermal mass flow meters have already been installed in Italy and Germany. Thanks to its many years of experience in sensor technology, Sensirion is currently the only company able to offer its customers a complete design-in solution. This means that everything comes from a single source. In addition to calibrated gas meter modules, Sensirion also delivers an electronic reference design that simplifies integration of the necessary hardware and software and also makes NMI part certification available.

The SGM70xx mass flow meter allows users to monitor the flow and consumption of gas reliably and in real time. For end-users, it boosts transparency and convenience and allows them to optimise their energy consumption.

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