Membrane potentiometers replace linear & rotary position sensors

30th April 2015
Nat Bowers

Hoffmann + Krippner's whitepaper, The Membrane Potentiometer - A Competitive Alternative to Traditional Linear and Rotary Position Sensors, introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the membrane potentiometer’s special design and also outlines its possible applications including industrial controls, robotic systems, forklifts, doors, gates and even gaming.

This essential guide for design engineers also covers the important technical parameters of membrane potentiometers including the various types such as PET, Kapton, magnetic and hybrid.

Because of its ultra-flat design and flexible usage, combined with cost advantages, the membrane potentiometer has opened up a wide range of sensing possibilities which were previously not possible. By using new and innovative materials like magnetic operations or hybrid membrane potentiometers, designers and engineers can integrate this potentiometer in many ways. Complex sensor constructions can be reduced, simplified and integrated less expensively with modern membrane potentiometers.

Read and download the full whitepaper below.

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