MEGATRON optimises its KT705 and KT805 bending beam electronics

9th April 2024
Harry Fowle

MEGATRON's KT705 and KT805 force transducers have been fitted with completely new electronics to improve optimisation.

By integrating these new analogue electronics, the force transducers now also provide a negative output voltage or indicate when the force transducers are actuated against the intended direction of force. This is MEGATRON's response to the requests of many customers who appreciate the high precision and versatility of the sensors but have not been able to use them in their applications.

The new integrated analogue amplifier also eliminates the need for external electronics. Despite the additional electronics, the sensors are very compact (KT705: 68 x 30 x 31 mm) and require significantly less space and cabling in the application than sensors with a separate amplifier. The small diameter of the flexible cable (Ø 3.4 mm) also contributes to this. Another new feature is the customised test report that now comes with each force sensor.

Both series of force sensors have the same output signal options (0...10 V / -10...+10 V / 4...20 mA) and the same electronics, but differ in nominal force, size, and material. While the KT805's sensor body and housing are made of nickel-plated steel, the KT705 is made of aluminium. Both force transducers operate on the Wheatstone strain gauge full bridge principle. The KT705 measures nominal forces of 200 N, 500 N and 1 kN, while the KT805 can measure forces up to 2 kN and 5 kN. With a cut-off frequency of 1.6 kHz (response time 650 µs), the force sensor can be used for fast processing cycles in automation.

MEGATRON's KT705 and KT805 series force transducers are used to measure prestressing forces during crimping processes in cable assembly and to record press-in and joining forces during assembly processes in industrial production. The force sensors are also used in medical technology and fitness equipment. MEGATRON offers customised cables and connectors from small quantities. In addition, the bore diameters for force transmission and mounting can be adapted to specific projects on request.

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