Magnetostrictive encoder improves reliability in linear motors

22nd July 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems, has announced its latest product introduction, the Temposonics A-series ‘duo’ linear encoder. This compact, rugged device features two output channels: an incremental interface and a synchronous serial interface. 

Targeted at manufacturers under pressure to find more robust solutions for position and velocity control in electric and linear motor designs, this device enables implementation of measurement systems requiring absolute position feedback while also maintaining an incremental encoder signal for the motor position. The ability to capture absolute position data means that recalibration is no longer necessary.

The incremental interface (either TTL quadrature or 1Vpp sin/cos) incorporated into each A-series device is able to provide position data and velocity feedback for the motor, whereas the accompanying SSI output provides the absolute linear position of the sensor. A measurement resolution of 1μm is delivered. MTS Sensors’ innovative Temposonics magnetostrictive sensing technology provides an extremely accurate non-contact method by which to measure position in applications with the most exacting of demands. When compared to traditional products used in these application scenarios, such as optical encoders, A-series devices offer several significant advantages, including improved shock performance up to 100G and vibration resistance up to 15G over frequencies from 20 to 2000Hz. These devices can deal with relative humidity levels of up to 90% and an operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C is supported. They also offer IP67 level protection to liquid ingress when appropriate connectors are fitted.

“This product series allows use of advanced magnetostrictive linear positioning in applications where this wasn’t previously possible, so that greater accuracy and improve reliability can be realised,” comments Dr. Olaf Kissing, Product Manager, Industrial Sensors, MTS Sensors. “These devices go beyond what can be achieved by conventional linear encoder options, with extremely low failure rates resulting, as well considerable reductions in implementation and maintenance costs. The Temposonics technology at the heart of the A-series does not require air plumbing, covers or moving cables, making these encoders easier to install. Furthermore, there are no requirements for periodic cleaning or calibration. This means manufacturers can reduce their operational expenses significantly by employing such an approach.”

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