Lynred showcases infrared sensor Seegnus at Eurosatory

17th June 2024
Sheryl Miles

Lynred, a global provider of high-quality infrared sensors for the aerospace, defence, and commercial markets, announces it will showcase Seegnus, its first very compact high-resolution (1280 x 1024 SXGA format), small pixel pitch (7.5µm) midwave (MWIR) ‘HOT’ (high operating temperature) infrared sensor, at Eurosatory, Paris, 17–21 June 2024, at booth #5A-C155.

Seegnus’ multiple features offer key performance advantages to manufacturers of long-range/large Field-of-View (FoV) miniature infrared systems, including a net 20% increase in Detection/Reconnaissance/Identification (DRI) range performance over Lynred’s earlier VGA model within this category of midwave products.

Seegnus’ high-resolution, large FoV, low acoustic noise, and low power consumption, housed in lightweight, durable, and stealthy packaging, make this best-in-class infrared (IR) sensor ideal for conducting long-range imaging in tactical gear. These include Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) gimbals, tactical goggles, armoured vehicle sights, Remote Control Weapon Sights (RCWS) and submarine optronic masts.

Seegnus can also be used in fixed or airborne surveillance systems in any industry.

“Seegnus incorporates all of the top infrared imaging performance criteria in demand from camera makers today: a compact large array format with 150K ‘HOT’ design, coupled with low weight and low power consumption advantages,” said Alain Manissadjian, Product Manager at Lynred. “Seegnus extends Lynred’s SWaP (small Size, low Weight, low Power consumption) portfolio in the MWIR range and shows its robust capability in mastering III-V semiconductor technology. We are excited about exhibiting Seegnus at Eurosatory this week, where we anticipate customers will be very impressed by the added value this best-in-class IR sensor brings to long-range tactical applications.”

Combined with the latest 220mm folded compact f/4 COTS optics and in good mid-latitude summer atmospheric conditions, Seegnus is capable of detecting individuals at a distance of up to 14.5km in a 630m width imaged scene, while recognising them at 3.9km in a 170m width imaged scene.

In addition, thanks to the PlugUp platform standard underpinning Seegnus, which enables Lynred to maintain the same form factor and identical interfaces (mechanical, optical, and electrical) across designs, an SXGA upgrade from Lynred’s previous compact VGA model is extremely easy.

Lynred will exhibit Seegnus at booth #5A-C155 at Eurosatory, taking place this week. It will run a live demo of Seegnus, the smallest SXGA sensor for long-range imagery, in a standard camera, as well as display a mechanical mock-up of Seegnus, plus optics, within a compact 6.3” gimbal.

Product features

Seegnus is a new high-resolution (SXGA – 1280 × 1024), small pitch (7.5µm), ‘HOT’ (High Operating Temperature) cooled mid-wave infrared sensor, housed in a very compact and SWaP configured package for long-range and large FOV miniaturised infrared systems. It offers:

  • High 24/7 cooler reliability (32,000hrs)
  • Low power (less than 3.5 Watts)
  • Compactness (300cm3)
  • Easy integration (thanks to three different possible attachment planes)
  • Easy upgrades (due to an identical interface to earlier models)

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