Light sensor fulfills industrial demands of high-accuracy

24th February 2014
Staff Reporter

Enabling factories to quickly configure and monitor multiple RGB light sensors, the Santa Cruz light sensor delivers the high accuracy required in industrial applications. Maxim Integrated Products, who have launched the product, claim that the Santa Cruz is the industry's smallest ambient light sensor.

The device fits on a tiny 6.5 x 25 mm PCB, supporting the claim that the device is the industry's smallest ambient light sensor. The sensor integrates six highly accurate clear light, RGB and IR sensors, as well as a temperature sensor. The sensor also incorporates an economical and ultra-low-power MCU, dual integrated 3.3V and 5V linear regulators, programmable flash memory and IO-Link software. Boasting high sensitivity, the device is sensitive over a range of 57,542 lux to 0.001 lux, at low power.

The integrated IO-Link software and device stack automatically configure the sensor without additional programming, saving valuable time and resources. The company further claim that the device enables connected factories. The reference system provides a wide, dynamic range of clear, RGB, and IR light, and temperature data. Santa Cruz is tuned to the response of the human eye for accurate system function relative to visible light.

"The Santa Cruz system is a result of Maxim’s successful partnership with Renesas Electronics Europe and TMG Technologie und Engineering,” said David Andeen, Reference Design Manager at Maxim Integrated. “The Renesas RL78 ultra-low-power microcontroller and TMG’s IO-Link software provide the ideal complement to Maxim’s accurate light sensor and IO-Link modem. The combination of these products with our IO-Link modem creates a platform for a variety of IO-Link sensor solutions.”

“The industrial sensors market is trending toward higher accuracy and chip-level integration and miniaturization,” said Dr. Rajender Thusu, Lead Sensors and Instruments Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The Santa Cruz reference design furthers these trends to enable the factory of the future.” 

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