Intelligent robotics with TI mmWave AoP sensors

13th August 2019
Lanna Cooper

Texas Instruments millimetre wave sensors enable intelligent sensing at the edge by integrating accurate sensing with real time decision making and processing on a single chip.

In this demo, TI will use the mapping and navigation libraries in the Robot Operating Sysem, that's the Ross environment, that runs on the Sitara processor. It is capable of detecting objects, including transparent objects, plastic, glass objects irrespective of the environmental conditions.

Now with the Texas Instruments antenna-on-package devices, the robotic users are now able to enjoy all the paybacks of this technology with additional benefits of the design being smaller, simpler and more cost effective. With the antenna-on-package devices, users now do not have to worry about additional antenna routing. And most importantly, using expensive Rogers material on the PCB, that reduces the board size and cost. 

The smaller the form factor of the AOP sensors, means that they can fit into smaller enclosures, which is important for sleek, small, autonomous robot designs such as autonomous guided vehicles, delivery robots and smaller robotic arms and factories for sense and avoid applications. 

By eliminating expensive PCB substrates and RF expertise, the antenna-on-package sensors simplify the system design and manufacturing process enabling in-house designs and reducing time to market.

The AOP antenna design has a wider field of view that is 130° in both azimuth, as well as elavation enabling true 3D detection and allowing autonomous robot makers to implement a high level of environmental sensing into robot systems to make smarter decisions based on height.

To learn more about TI millimetre wave sensors, please watch the video below or visit TI's website.

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