Inertial measurement unit covers long life cycles

15th April 2020
Mick Elliott

The Bosch BMI090L high-performance longevity inertial measurement unit (IMU) combines a 16-bit triaxial gyroscope and 16-bit triaxial accelerometer in a 3. 0 mm x 4.5 mm x 0.95 mm package.

It is in stock at Mouser Electronics.

This IMU features an extended availability up to 10 years and is specifically designed to cater to the long lifecycles of industrial applications.

The BMI090L provides accurate and reliable inertial sensor data under demanding conditions, including environments where those conditions change.

Mouser also offers the BMI090L shuttle board, which allows easy access to the IMU's pins via a simple socket.

All Bosch sensor shuttle boards have an identical footprint, enabling them to be easily connected to Bosch development and application boards.

Applications for the BMI090L IMU include Industrial IoT (IIoT), robotics, precision agriculture, white goods, and appliances.

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