In-vehicle surveillance system provides clarity and security

18th November 2014
Barney Scott


For public security, it is necessary to place surveillance devices inside vehicles, for the prevention of unexpected issues such as theft, assault, bullying or even terrorism. In response to these requirements, Arbor Technology has announced the ARTS-4770 in-vehicle surveillance solution.

The ARTS-4770 is designed as a compact vehicle PC for surveillance in buses, trucks, and other vehicles. With a four port PoE module, a high-performance Intel Core i7 processor and one to four IP cameras, the ARTS-4770 has the ability to monitor in-vehicle events. All video images can be displayed on the screen beside the driver and be recorded into solid storage disk within the ARTS-4770, which offers higher protection for passengers’ safety.

Designed for transportation applications, the ARTS-4770 includes a smart power ignition function to protect the PC itself, GPS with 3G/4G telecommunication for location tracking, WiFi/USB/removable SSD for data transference, and rigid standard for vibration, as well as shock and over-voltage power protection.

A four port PoE module eliminates the need for a PoE switch in-vehicle, which can save the cost of a PoE device and its wiring. The Intel 3rd-gen Core i7 processor enables the ARTS-4770 to display four channel video fluently on LCD display from high resolution IP cameras, while recording all images simultaneously.

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