How to choose the right potentiometer sensor

20th August 2015
Nat Bowers


Hoffmann + Krippner has announced a new whitepaper: How to choose the right potentiometer for reliable sensing, to help design engineers understand how membrane potentiometer sensors work and how to pick the right type of membrane potentiometer for their project.

Authored by Jens Kautzor, CEO, Hoffmann + Krippner, the whitepaper covers the various types of potentiometers, potentiometer development history, their various components and materials and an overview looking at the technical issues of printed potentiometers and foil (membrane). It also covers the various technical specifications of accuracy and linearity when specifying potentiometers.

Kautzor commented: “Specifying or designing a potentiometer sensors is a complex challenge for many developers, especially those now looking to create internet connected devices and solutions. This new guide provides an easy to understand high level look at these technologies as well as a detailed explanation of the most important technical specifications and how to understand them.”

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