Point Grey's New Grasshopper3 Camera Features 6 Megapixel EXview HAD CCD II On USB 3.0 Interface

24th June 2013
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Point Grey today announced a new addition to the Grasshopper3 camera family, which features high quality, high resolution CCD sensors with a USB 3.0 interface. The new Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-60S6 camera models are based on color and monochrome versions of the fast and highly sensitive Sony ICX694, a 1 CCD featuring 4.54 micron square pixels and capable of sending 2736 x 2192 images at 13 FPS and maximum bit depth.
The ICX694 sensor uses Sony's EXview HAD CCD II technology—a further evolved version of the well-known EXview HAD CCD technology—to improve quantum efficiency, reduce smear, and increase sensitivity, including into the near infrared. The sensor is capable of single tap readout for extended shutter, high gain imaging and multi-tap readout to increase the maximum frame rate. The GS3-U3-60S6 camera allows users to toggle between single and dual tap sensor readout and address both imaging conditions.

Like all Point Grey USB 3.0 cameras, the Grasshopper3 uses a proprietary USB 3.0 link layer and frame buffer-based architecture for optimal performance and reliability. The Grasshopper3 uses an advanced image processing pipeline to enable color interpolation, look up table, gamma correction and pixel binning. Additional Grasshopper3 models featuring a 9.1 megapixel EXview HAD CCD II sensor and a 4 megapixel global shutter CMOS device will be released later this year.

The ICX694 device used in the GS3-U3-60S6 camera offers exceptional imaging performance while increasing resolution and maintaining a 1 inch optical format, compatible with off the shelf C mount lenses explains Michael Gibbons, Director of Sales and Marketing. Customers in machine vision and life science want to capture the best possible images with the highest dynamic range from a wide variety of USB 3.0-enabled desktop and laptop computers where other digital interfaces, such as Camera Link, are not an option. This new Grasshopper3 camera addresses the needs of these customers, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including flat panel inspection, 3D measurement, ophthalmology, flow-scanning cytometry, and fluorescence imaging.

The Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-60S6 color and monochrome models are list priced at USD $ 3495 and EUR € 2695 and are available to order now from Point Grey and its network of distributors.

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