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15th July 2009
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Honeywell has introduced its smallest force sensor, the FSS-SMT Series, a low profile surface mount device that allows for automated assembly on a printed circuit board (PCB), often eliminating hand soldering and helping to reduce assembly costs. Cost-conscious customers will be attracted to the FSS-SMT Series because it provides all four points of the Wheatstone bridge sensing element that gives them the flexibility to customize and integrate the sensor into other system electronics.
The FSS-SMT Series is designed to provide excellent reliability with a 20 million Mean Cycle To Failure (MCTF) at 25 °C [77 °F] rating that allows for consistent output over time, helping to reduce repairs or replacements. Low deflection (30 microns typical at full scale) and fast response help reduce measurement errors. Its stainless steel ball provides excellent mechanical stability, while the use of innovative elastomeric technology and engineered molded plastics results in load excitation capacities of 44 N over-force, making the sensor better able to handle unexpected increases in load.

Potential applications include occlusion detection, load and compression sensing, and variable tension control in ambulatory pumps, clinical diagnostic equipment, enteral pumps, infusion pumps, kidney dialysis machines, and wire bonding equipment.

The FSS-SMT Series is designed to provide precise and reliable force sensing performance in a compact commercial-grade package. The sensor incorporates Honeywell sensing technology that uses a specialized piezoresistive micromachined silicon sensing element. The low power consuming, unamplified, uncompensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provides inherently stable millivolt output over the force range.

The FSS-SMT Series is an extension to Honeywell's force sensor portfolio that includes the FSG Series, FSS Series, 1865 Series, and FS01/FS03 Series.

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