Fresh Approach to Cold Chain Monitoring Enabled by Sensing Alliance

10th June 2010
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Proxima RF Technology Inc. and Phase IV Engineering, Inc. have partnered to offer HF RFID enabled sensing products based on the powerful, new Melexis MLX90129 sensor IC that allows new sensing applications that previously would have been left on the drawing board. Proxima RF designs 13.56MHz High Frequency (HF) readers and holds a patent on integrating readers in handheld devices while Phase IV Engineering provides complete wireless and embedded sensing solutions.
Terry Rachwalski, VP Business Development for Proxima RF says, “Data loggers and passive sensing in high moisture or sensitive applications like cold chain, pharmaceuticals and construction require contactless data transfer. The fit between our experience with 13.56MHz RFID readers and Phase IV’s competency in sensor design, calibration, packaging and manufacture allows us to offer new solutions to old problems.” Proxima RF will offer a product line of passive battery-less sensors, data-loggers and HF RFID enabled probes and a variety of readers in specific market verticals. Rachwalski went on to say that they would concentrate on combining elements such as temperature, humidity, light and shock.

Phase IV Engineering COO, Scott Dalgleish, COO responded, “Proxima RF will be leveraging our expertise in embedded and wireless sensing and apply it to markets where using HF RFID as the wireless element is the optimal solution.” Proxima RF will offer the Phase IV “SensTag” brand sensor product along with a variety of reader and software options. Proxima RF offers demonstration kits to authorized distributors and system integrators. Phase IV also offers a full range of superior wireless sensing devices and services in industrial, military and process applications where their ability to create customized solutions is unparalleled.

The HF RFID enabled sensing alliance was conceived by Gilles Cerede, RFID Product Marketing Manager at Melexis, “Our sensor IC needed a reader and sensors compatible with our command set. Phase IV and Proxima RF together, create a complete solution package for specific verticals and custom applications.”

HF RFID works best with high water content items like foodstuffs, such as cold chain where the high water content demands HF RFID or healthcare where other RFID frequencies are less desirable. The RFID reader and sensing elements must both use a precise command set to communicate and decode sensor data with the Melexis IC.

The unique and powerful passive sensing features of the MLX90129 include an internal temperature sensor, two external sensor ports with accurate differential inputs to accommodate a wide range of sensor types, a high degree of configurability to accommodate precision calibration, and a standard ISO15693 high frequency RFID interface.

In battery-powered data logging mode, the MLX90129 has the unique features of a small size, low thermal mass, a sealed sensor package, wireless configuration and data transfer, expandable memory using the SPI interface, and the ability to tether two external sensors of any type – including extremely fast response temperature probes.

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