Expanding safety-critical integrated cockpit solutions

29th June 2018
Alex Lynn

It has been announced by Green Hills Software that the INTEGRITY Multivisor secure virtualisation and advanced development tools for Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is available on 64-bit automotive grade SoCs.

AGL applications can be added to automotive systems meeting the ISO 26262 safety levels through the INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS). As a result, OEMs can run AGL-based infotainment and connected car applications in secure partitions alongside safety critical and security critical functions including instrument clusters, rear-view camera, ADAS, OTA, gateway and V2X.

The Automotive Grade Linux project is a collaborative cross-industry effort developing an open software stack for the software defined automotive cockpit and hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux, stated: “We are pleased to have Green Hills Software participating in our growing and global community. Their experience and technology help customers build and deploy safe and secure AGL-based vehicle software and we look forward to their contributions to expand and further establish AGL as an industry standard.”

As a Member for AGL, Green Hills demonstrated a consolidated integrated cockpit that incorporates AGL at the recent Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo. The INTEGRITY RTOS and Multivisor hypervisor safely and securely run a safety critical instrument cluster alongside AGL based infotainment applications. 

Masayasu Yoshida, Senior Director of Automotive Information Solution Business Division, at Renesas Electronics Corporation, said: “Renesas’ R-Car is one of the standard reference platforms for AGL and has supported the system development of customers. With INTEGRITY Multivisor now compatible with AGL, we are very pleased that INTEGRITY RTOS and AGL can be implemented safely and securely on the R-Car platform. We are confident that our achievement will contribute to further acceleration in the development of cockpit systems.”

Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY Multivisor is the system virtualisation service for the certified INTEGRITY RTOS microkernel. The INTEGRITY RTOS architecture is certified at the levels of automotive safety, ISO 26262 ASIL D, and has achieved the EAL 6+, level of security, Separation Kernel Protection Profile, Common Criteria.

Other features tailored to rigorous embedded systems are:

  • Safe and secure device sharing, such as GPU, between AGL and critical applications
  • Fast boot critical tasks
  • Single unified debugger gives developers deep visibility into Linux and INTEGRITY kernels, drivers and applications
  • Secure IPC between native RTOS tasks and Linux

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