electronica 2018: Safety drives with you

5th November 2018
Lanna Cooper


The Japanese technology company, Asahi Kasei will present its technologies and solutions in the areas of sensor technology and premium audio at this year's electronica. For the first time at a European trade fair, the electric concept vehicle 'AKXY' will also be present at the booth.

Asahi Kasei presents 36 materials and solutions for the mobility of the future with its specially designed 'rolling competence centre' AKXY. Thereby, the cross-divisional innovation approach of the company, which combines the business areas electronics, synthetic rubber, high performance plastics and textiles, becomes evident.

The second highlight at the fair is a 'Premium Audio Lounge', where visitors can experience Asahi Kasei's premium audio solutions live on site.

Safety drives with you: Sensors for safe and comfortable driving 
A special focus of the electronic components in the AKXY is on solutions that make driving safer and more comfortable. For example, the progressive CO2 sensor solution 'Sensor Sunrise', which ensures more concentrated and safer driving. It measures the carbon dioxide content in the car cabin and contributes to better air quality.

Senseair Sunrise is produced by the Swedish subsidiary Senseair and is the world's first optical solid-state NDIR sensor for measuring gases such as carbon dioxide. With an unsurpassed low power consumption - six times lower than that of comparable NDIR sensors - it can easily be integrated into battery-powered systems.

Undisturbed conversations in the car
Driving fast or the playing of music can considerably impair the conversation between driver and passengers. The consequences are inattentive driving and an increased risk for all road users. Asahi Kasei has developed a special solution for this: The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - as an in-car communication application - ensures safe and comfortable conversations in the car without the driver having to turn his head.

With its Engine Sound Creator application, the DSP contributes to an improved driving experience and increased road safety by providing a realistic engine sound.

Solutions for autonomous driving
Intelligent driver assistance systems are experiencing tremendous market growth, with radar sensors playing an important role in the overall system architecture due to their unique capabilities.

With the Transceiver IC, Asahi Kasei offers a standard component that increases the performance and precision of the radar sensor in object localisation and contributes to improved discrimination accuracy between people and vehicles.

'Sensor island' and 'Premium Audio Lounge'
Asahi Kasei will be exhibiting its concept car in Hall B4 - Booth 516. Additionally, the company will show further sensor solutions on its 'sensor island'. A highlight in addition to CO2 and 3D sensors is a newly developed presence sensor, which has very low energy consumption and does not require a lens at all. Further sensor solutions will be presented by Senseair in Hall B3 – Booth 441.

Asahi Kasei has been a premium supplier of D/A and A/D converters as well as DSP for high class audio applications for 25 years. In a specially equipped 'Premium Audio Bar', visitors can convince themselves of the product quality on site.

Registrations for a guided tour will be accepted at the booth.

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