Digital thermometer uses NTC thermistor for sensing

25th May 2016
Nat Bowers

Expanding its DMR20 series of round, miniature digital panel meters, Murata Power Solutions announces the DMR20-1-TMP-R-C digital thermometer. Designed to monitor ambient air temperatures from -40 to +105°C (-40 to +221°F) using an NTC thermistor as the sensing element, this meter is packaged in a round polycarbonate housing designed to easily mount in a 30.5mm (1.2") 'oil tight' panel cut out.

The DMR20-1-TMP-R-C utilises easy-to-read LED displays and precision components to achieve typical accuracies of ±1°C. Digital displays provide more accuracy and greater resolution than analog meters, as well as being more rugged and, depending on the application, more cost-effective.

The DMR20-1-TMP-R-C operates from either a 24VAC or 6-50VDC power source and covers a wide temperature range for use in many environments. Typical applications include heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration, recreational vehicles, industrial ovens and heaters, process monitoring, burn-in instrumentation, test and measurement and weather monitoring.

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