Digital temperature sensors have low-power wait mode

5th February 2020
Mick Elliott

The AS621x digital temperature sensors from ams are now being shipped by distributor Mouser Electronics.

ams AS621x digital temperature sensors are the second generation of the digital temperature sensor family. These devices are designed for high accuracy applications with ultra-low power consumption.

The new design offers eight I2C addresses and a supply voltage from 1.71V to 3.6V. The AS621x family is a fully calibrated and linearised sensor system that is easy to integrate into any digital system.

The device provides a 16-bit resolution over the full temperature range from -40°C to +125°C. The integrated alarm functionality enables micro-controller wake-up calls at defined temperature thresholds.

An internal voltage regulator enables stable accuracy independent of the supply voltage.

For power-sensitive applications, the device can enter a low-power wait mode with 0.1μA current consumption.

Applications for the sensors include high accuracy consumer electronics, mobile devices/tablets/notebooks, wearables/mobile health, cameras, HVAC and thermostat control, cold chain monitoring, industrial automation, lab equipment, and Solid State Drives (SSD).

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