Dew-point hygrometer measures moisture and pressure

10th May 2022
Mick Elliott

The Easidew advanced online dew-point hygrometer took centre stage on the Michell Instruments stand at Sensor + Test 2022 in Nuremberg (May 10-12).


It has added pressure to its measurement capabilities alongside dew point and moisture content. The hygrometer features an easy to use touch screen interface for set up and operation.

Incorporating the latest Michell ceramic metal-oxide technology, the hygrometer provides stable, reliable and repeatable trace moisture measurements.

Pressure is an important variable when measuring the dew point of a gas. This new hygrometer compensates for this with either a live pressure sensor, or by using a fixed pressure input valve.

It can be used for any moisture measurement application, displaying data in °C or °F dew point, ppmv, lb/mmscf or g/m3 from -110 up to +20 °C (-166 up to +68 °F) at pressure up to 450 bar (6627 psi).

Additionally, the hygrometer also provides analogue, digital and 4 user-configurable alarm outputs.

As well as the 4-colour display, the hygrometer can be configured remotely via application software.

Regular maintenance and recalibration are essential to ensure reliability. Customers can choose from two options to achieve this with minimum disruption.

The sensor exchange program enables customers to order a guaranteed, reconditioned sensor to replace their old sensor.

Where traceability of calibration is required, Michell offers a recalibration service at one of its regional calibration headquarters.

The Easidew advanced online hygrometer covers a raft of trace moisture measurement application including surgical and medical air, glove boxes, hydrogen filling stations, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and membrane and absorption dryers.

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