Danisense enhances datasheets for faster selection

5th December 2023
Mick Elliott

Danisense is updating all datasheets for its current sense transducer product range to include formulas and examples to make it quick and easy for design engineers to calculate different values, e.g. current and voltage, linearity error, etc.

Comments Loic Moreau, Sales & Marketing Director at Danisense: “One of our development engineers thought it would be a good idea to include more technical data and also formulas for calculating certain values on our datasheets to make life for design engineers easier when selecting the right current sense transducer for their respective new application. Now we are in the process of updating all of our datasheets with a lot of examples of technical data for our products and all necessary formulas for engineers to calculate the most important technical values themselves where required.” “We hope design engineers will make good use of our new datasheets and find them helpful in their daily work life,” Moreau adds.

Many datasheets have already been updated, including: DS Series (DS200ID, DS600ID, DS50UB-10V, DS200UB-10V, DS600UB-10V), DN Series (DN1000ID), DT Series (DT50ID, DT100ID, DT200ID), DL Series (DL2000ID, DL2000UB-1V, DL2000UB-10V), DM Series (DM1200UB-10V, DM1200ID). All remaining datasheet updates are currently in progress.


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