Cutting edge inductive position sensing

3rd June 2024
Paige West

Melexis is a pioneer in programmable Hall sensors. Its devices offer improved manufacturability of sensor assemblies and modules.

The technology and innovations support a broad range of applications in automotive markets and beyond.

Inductive sensor operation is based on the inductive coupling between a transmitting coil, the target and three receiver coils.

For many position sensing applications, the combination of high accuracy and complete stray field immunity is the holy grail. The search for it is finally over.

ASIL B ready (per ISO 26262), these devices enable the design of functionally safe actuators and sensors to ensure safe operation of  vehicles.

Output configurability allows position sensing data to be delivered as analog ratiometric, PWM, SENT or SPC signals. This means output protocols relating to numerous different application criteria can be addressed. The option with 0.5 µs tick time (fast SENT or SPC) is another differentiator, with no other inductive sensor currently able to offer this. The ability to conduct pulse shaping in PWM, SENT and SPC modes proves invaluable since it leads to electromagnetic emission reductions.

A -40 to +160°C working temperature range permits installation in challenging application environments. The 3-phase coil arrangement employed improves linearity, thanks to harmonic filtering. The device’s 32-point linearisation allows equalisation of angular non-linearity errors.

Over-voltage and reverse polarity protection further underline its operational robustness. Thanks to the use of inductive measurement methods, system implementations can be much more streamlined and integration is easier.

To discuss your application and requirements, please feel free to contact Dacom West, official Melexis distributor since 1998!

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