Customised torque sensors for robotics applications

3rd April 2024
Paige West

Inelta Sensorsysteme provides a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing the design and manufacture of torque sensors available in various calibrated nominal torques.

Leveraging its development knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, the company delivers cost-effective, quality-assured custom solutions tailored to small and medium-sized production runs. For several robotics companies, Inelta produces bespoke compact static torque sensors for accurate torque measurement via strain gauges, as per the clients' precise requirements.

These sensors are capable of redundant design, featuring dual-channel, galvanically isolated signal outputs for enhanced reliability. They come equipped with built-in interfaces for direct torque data retrieval. Furthermore, an extra diagnostic channel allows for the attachment of a resistor through an optocoupler, facilitating precise adjustments to the bridge's tuning. The sensors' measuring sensitivity, relative deviations, and reversal span are determined based on the calibration specifications provided by the client.

Static torque sensors are particularly suited for applications where the torque of stationary objects needs to be measured, offering a straightforward installation process by directly connecting the sensor to the object under analysis.

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